Star Wars Battlefront Beta is now open to anyone

ToxicGas Sep 17, 2015

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    Publisher Electronic Arts has announced that they will be providing enough server capacity so that anyone who wants to be involved in playing the beta.
    Mathew Everett, a Battlefront Community manager, has confirmed on the EA star wars blog that the beta will remain open once it is deployed. He also offered new information on what gameplay modes will be available in the beta. He did not inform us when the release date will be. When the release date is announced. We will inform you guys through an article including all the details. So keep an eye on the XPG news.
    He also stated that the beta will consist on both the online and offline modes, including co-op and split-screen co-op, This will take place on the Playstation 4, Xbox one, and PC.
    The servers will hold up to 40 players all together in a multiplayer game. The beta will be serving as a demo for the offline co-op mission mode called Survival. This is a Horde-Style gamemode which drops players on Tatooine and throws various waves of imperial AI opponents in front of them.
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