Soul Calibur V CaS Pack 2[Xbox 360 gamesave]

Daveybird Mar 23, 2013

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    File Name: Soul Calibur V CaS Pack 2
    File Submitter: Daveybird
    File Submitted: 22 Mar 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    Just a few days after the first one was released, the sequel is now here. I added these new characters:

    Kung Fist:

    Beach Dude (1P, 2P, A trunks-wearing, Mtn Dew drinking, crazy dude I kinda based off of Iggy from the Mario games.)

    Clarie (1P, 2P, A cute high school girl who wears a backpack and a flowing skirt.)

    Boxer Ben (1P, 2P, Mandatory Black Boxer)

    Ryoka (1P, 2P, Mandatory Japanese karate guy)

    Screamin' Eagle (1P, 2P Mandatory American karate guy with crazy blond hair and a red suit, 2P looks like an Eagle superhero.)

    I made the following updates to the existing characters:

    Gave Grandor Astaroth's style and more armor, also made him bigger.

    Changed Sheng Chow quite a bit, gave him more muscles, and now he has four forms: regular, giant, Chinese Dragon, and Super Chinese Dragon

    Gave Blackbird more muscles

    Gave Lizard-Morph more muscles and an extra outfit with the greaves removed

    Changed Alioth a little.

    Hope you enjoy, and please PM me and tell me what you think!

    Click here to download this file


    Kung Fist:

    A Chinese Kung Fu master named Sheng Tsao figured out how to channel magic energy into his body to create a martial arts style known as "Long Jiao," which involves a mixture of Karate, Kung Fu, winged flight, and shooting lasers from the eyes (gotta explain the Devil Jin style, lol). KarateGUY and KarateGRRL learned about it during their visit to China. Ming Choy is Sheng Tsao's niece, and found out about it. Ryoka and S. Eagle found out about it while watching a documentary about Sheng Tsao. Clarie found out about it while she was looking up martial arts styles online to practice. Soon a whole bunch of people learned about it and tried it.

    Sheng Tsao made a competition specifically for Long Jiao fighting, and those people entered it. This style also gives people the ability to transform their heads, skin colors, and size to be like animals and such.

    Bird Knights/FurHeads/Reptilians:

    There is an alternate Earth, which is the same time period as today, except it is more like the Renaissance. People have swordfights, and there are knights, monsters, kings, queens, etc, and most peopl wear animal heads. At the heart of it all are the Bird Knights. They are the royal guardians for Lady Foxen, the ruler of the FurHead realm. Blackbird, who immigrated from Africa at the age of 12 and can now speak English in a American accent, is the head Bird Knight.

    Every year, there is a tournament for Bird Knights, Reptilans, and FurHeads to compete in, and test their skills among the greatest warriors. Some fight with swords, some fight with axes, some fight with the Long Jiao style.

    Who will be the champion? You decide!

    Other Souls:

    Other, less well-known people during the 17th Century were in the battle for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur as well. Like Michael, who is an adventurer who is n expert at battling with a big ax, Big Chief, who is a Native American who immigrated from the New World to bring both swords back to help his tribe, and Lustria, a vampiress who is friends with Ivy and learned her style.

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