Sony Reveal PlayStation Now Subscription Plan

Bullet Jan 5, 2015

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    Playstation Now has been available for a while now and Sony has finally released a subscription based plan for the online streaming service. As from January the 13th Playstation 4 owners will be able to use the subscription based service to rent one of over a 100 Playstation 3 games.

    The subscriptions offered feature two plans which are on a Monthly basis which will cost $19.99, or a three-month plan for $44.99 which works out to about $15 per month making a saving of around $4 per month which makes more economical sense if you are going to frequent the service a lot.

    Sony is going to kick off the service with a special offer of a Seven day trial once the program launches, with a limited time contest offering a chance to win Twelve months free access to the service.
    Sony plan to release the service on other PS Now enabled devices sometime in the future. We believe that many PS4 owners would prefer native PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility over the streaming service, especially in light of the recent downtimes over the Christmas period.
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