Sony PS4: 1.6 Firmware Changelog

Bullet Feb 4, 2014

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    The Playstation 4 1.6 system update has started rolling out today and as well as Pulse Headset support, and the ability to mute the PS4 camera there were also general stability improvements. Although as of right now we do not have the full complete changelog however we are aware of some of the most requested features that were NOT in this update:
    • MP3 Support
    • DLNA Support
    • External HD support
    • Flash support for the browser
    • Ability to upload game captures to places other than Facebook
    • Youtube App
    Its apparent that this update was pushed out to fix minor stability issues and not address some of the more major request from the Playstation community.

    As soon as we have the full changelog this post will be updated....

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