Sony Introduces PlayStation Now, Sells 4.2 Million PS4s

ADDZ Jan 9, 2014

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    Sony Introduces PlayStation Now, Sells 4.2 Million PS4s

    Before we get to the juicy bits, let's talk about next-gen sales figures. On Monday during CES 2014, Microsoft announced that Xbox One had sold three million units across the United States and Europe. As usual, this left Sony fanboys waiting with bated breath to see how their own PS4 has performed during its first holiday season. It turns out the stats were quite good, citing during their company keynote that PS4 has sold over 4.2 million units across the same territories. That of course puts the game-centric box in the lead for the next-gen wars, and also officially surpasses Wii U's global sales data for the past eleven months. If you listen very carefully, you just might hear the quiet sobbing of Mario.


    However, that's not the only bomb that the creators of Play dropped during their presentation. They also announced the arrival of a brand new streaming service called PlayStation Now. Beginning in the summer of this year US gamers will be able to stream a small catalog of PS3 titles on on a subscription or pay-by-game basis. No exact game names were given, but titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls were on display to try out during the show. Essentially what Sony aims to do here is provide a large amount of legacy content from all previous Sony platforms to be enjoyed on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, as well as smartphones, newer model Bravia TVs, and tablets. If you're thinking PlayStation Now is basically Netflix for games, you'd be right.​

    As far as finer details are concerned, it's been said that steady gameplay will only require a suggested 5mbps connection speed, and that online multiplayer modes for games will be supported as long as the servers are still active. Of course the service does also plan to reach into other territories, and is only beginning its campaign in the States. As far as what we don't know, the big question on everyone's mind is just how much an ambitious service such as this is going to cost per month. Especially when many gamers already pay for PlayStation Plus benefits, one would hope a discount is in order for being involved in both programs. A closed beta of PlayStation Now is set to begin later this month, and we'll try to provide you details on that as soon as we have them!

    Via: IGN

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