Sony Blames PS4 Failures On Its Success

Bullet Nov 16, 2014

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    In a recent interview Sony have apologized to PS4 fans and explained that recent problems with the PS4 are largely down to its own success.

    “Listen: we’re really, really apologetic. Dealing with network and digital – I’m not trying to spread or deflect anything, but dealing on such a robust network is a tricky experience. The good thing is we’ve launched 2.01, which has fixed the rest mode, and has fixed the YouTube app,” said SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim.

    One of Sony's PlayStation directors explained to VG247 that the recent network issues on the PS4 were "very unfortunate" and that they are not 'Bulletproof'.

    “It was very unfortunate. We hate that. The network was down during the 2.0 release. It’s very unfortunate. Those things are gonna happen over time. We’re not bulletproof on those things.
    “I think the good thing is, we reacted quickly and the fix is out, about two or three days after. So we apologise. Like I said, dealing with global network loads and concurrent users for a platform that is ever expanding because of our sales being so strong is tricky at times, and we’re not infallible.”

    Ephraim also went on to explain the lack of games for the PS4 and the non existent line up for the holidays stating that "gamers are already well-served over the holidays, so Sony can concentrate on capturing new markets."
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