Preview Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point DLC Out Now

Rocky Oct 30, 2012

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    Sleeping Dogs' Nightmare in North Point DLC is now available to download, bringing terror to Hong Kong. Reprising your role as Wei Shen, you'll have to take on legions of Jiang Shi vampires that have been raised from Hell, as Big Scar Wu (now known as Smiley Cat) wreaks havoc across the city.

    You'll have to drink magical Chinese tea to acquire the spirit vanquishing powers required to send the Jiang Shi and fearsome Yaoguai demons back to Hell, while busting out Wei Shen's kung-fu moves and peachwood sword.

    Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point is available to download now for 560 Microsoft Points. Bargain! Check out the launch trailer below.

    Source - xbox360ach

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