skyrim xbox 360 vampire dirty face here the solucion!!!!!!!

rosssiou Jan 31, 2013

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    usually when you become a vampire first thing you will see that changes are your eyes color and teeth
    BUT when you turn off your console then turn it on again for keep playing you will see that your face got burn or dirty...

    why is this? simple enough it is obviously a glitch but this happen because of the color you put on the face of your character like: eye tint shadow and line; this glitch happen with the "humans" races lke nord, breton, imperial and redguard but this doesnt happen with the dark elf, high elf, orcs, kahjit, argonian...

    the solution is that if you want to be a vampire while playing this game you must not add any king of color in the face of your player

    i've heard that if you cure your vampirism in mortal and then become a vampire again the dirt will not appear

    if you prefer not to do this you shall play as a dark elf high elf orc kahjit or argonian...

    if you have questions here i am.

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