Skyrim Save Requests (Multiple;Xbox 360)

cbait Dec 8, 2012

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    Dec 8, 2012
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    I would like to request multiple saves.

    Gray Fox Save:
    Level: 10
    300 HP 250 Stamina 200 Magicka
    Perk Points: 20
    Sneak Skill at 100 (With all perks)
    All other stealth skills at 50 (No unlocked perks)
    All other non-stealth skills at 25
    Has the thieves guild LEADER armor
    Has nightingale armor
    Have two executioners masks (From beginning, looks like gray fox mask)
    One mask will have enchantments that boost sneak, pickpocket, speech, all other stealth skills by 25% and increase carry weight by 100, the other will be unenchanted
    Race: Imperial
    Hearthfire add on- The Falkreath buildable house will be built with all of the parts built, including furniture
    start with 1000 gold
    Skeleton key
    Special boat-house in the Sea of Ghosts of the coast of Dawnstart, with a set of thief followers (Invincible) wearing all thieves guild leader armor and all with lockpick at 100 and sneak at 75

    True Dragon Born:
    Level: 15
    300 HP Stamina and Magicka
    Perk Points: 15
    All skills at 30
    Special house on Throat of the World (Only accesible after getting that far in questline)
    In the house will be the dragon priest masks on the dragon mask altar
    Race: Argonian
    No shout cooldown
    Full set of Dragonbone weapons in house
    Full set of all dragon armor in house

    Snow Elf Save:
    Level: 20
    500 Magicka 400 HP 300 Stamina
    25 Perk Points
    All skills 40 (Destruction, one handed and sneak 50)
    All ancient falmer armor (From dawnguard)
    Special house on a mountain with shrine to auriel
    Zephyr bow
    Frost Breath and Ice form shouts all words
    Race: Snow Elf (Duh)
    75% resistant to frost
    25% weak to fire

    Servant of the Daedra:
    Level: 30
    Perl Points: 35
    500 HP 400 Stamina and Magicka
    All skills 50
    Full set of Legendary Daedric Armor
    Special House in Soul Cairn (Once accesible)
    Daedric Sword (Legendary, banish enchantment and unenchanted one)
    25% resistance to everything
    Race: Dark Elf
    All daedric artifacts in special house

    More soon

    All start with 500 carry weight
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    Dec 8, 2012
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