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sethwilliam Mar 10, 2013

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    Mar 9, 2013
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    Hello everyone I'm new and have been searching and trying skryim midded saves for about a year now trying to find the perfect one but none of them really "fit"t me. So while I was looking for more to try I stumbled across this Website and decided why not get a custom save? So here I am srry if this I'd the wrong section I just really want a good save for me thx. Brew I need this for xbox is there anything I must do to the save to make it playable after modding? I used to use modio but that was a year ago I just downloaded horizon but I remimber rehash and resign yes? I also have all dlc.
    Ok so here's what I would like.
    -new save lvl 1 Breton
    - infinite magicka/stamina but only 100 health
    - max perks( unassigned)
    - all shouts including dlc (if that's possible) with no cooldown so I can instant shout
    - enchanting and alchemy skills at 3,000
    - ring with destruction DAMAGE increase 500% and alchemy 5,000%
    - all spells, dev, standard, and any other awsome ones you can think of
    - vampiric drain but with absorb 30 health
    - any summon creature spells there are or you can make please!!!!
    - and not sure if this is possible but
    Summon skeleton spell? And if you can make it summon like 5-10 of them. And make sure they are friendly plz. I m not sure how maybe add me to ther faction? Add them to my faction? Increase there faction rating of me? I'm roleplaying a necromancer/summoner.
    - if it's possible remove the summoning limit or any way around it plz.
    - 5,000 gold
    - reanimate any lvl creature or as high as you can make it for permanent time/super long.
    - ritual stone a spell? With super long lasting time
    - make it so I own the black briar lodge
    - summon imperial solders X 5-10 for super long time.
    -maybe if you can fix up fort greymoor a little so it looks really cool with towers and lots of soldiers etc...
    - also anyway to add a spell or somthing that allows me to spawn friendly skeletons/guards that stand in there area where they were suoned permanently?
    - finnaly ability to summon a bandit who is friendly and stands in place to guard permently.
    Thank you

    Again I'm sorry if this is the wrong section and thank you for whoever can do this for me. I know I'm asking alot but if really appreciate it. I also know alot of this might be to hard or impossible to do. If that is the case plz anything close to what I ask would be greatly appreciated. Or just do the ones possible and let me know which ones weren't put in.
    Thank you again all so much.

    I can pay $5-10 via Paypal to whoever does this and it works with most of the things I listed. *note I will test it first if it does not have most of the things I really want then I won't pay.
    But if anyone is kind enough to do it for free I'd appreciate it :)

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