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sun7 Jan 14, 2013

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    Oct 28, 2012
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    I have been playing around with a save, then figured I would make it better so I could share it with everyone here (my first time messing with saves).

    It has your normal things like all map markers, stats/perks, modified stats (something like high 900's some a 1000), health/stamina/weight, gold etc... level one and before creation of one's person and it's almost done but I am having an issue with the last part I am attempting.

    What i want to do is add all the items like in the test hall and place them in the keep. I can place the items and everything in its own container. The problem is that I can not move, which would allow me to go back so one could make their toon.

    I attempted to use 'playerenablecontrols' which is suppose to let me move during cut-scenes; however, despite excepting the command, it is not letting me move and hence preventing me from getting back to the start.

    Has anyone been able to move during the cut-scene before toon creation? If not anyone have the coc command to get me to the spot he is standing at right before creation?


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