Skyrim easy level up glitch

Bullet Dec 3, 2011

  1. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    At the very beginning of the game after you get to the circle room area with the guy with the blonde hair that gives you the tutorial you can stay there and increase your stealth,1 handed,and destruction.

    Then you get the iron greatsword from the stormcloak soilders. They are in the toture room.

    Also get the bow and arrows from that part and you can level your archery and two handed.

    Hit the guy until he goes down and stays down

    Lower his health right down

    Let the bear hit you to boost your restoration skill. Once boosted , leave and get to riverwood.

    Once in Riverwood you can talk to the guy that can train you in archery and do his quest.

    Recruit the bow guy and then get trained as much as you can.

    Once trained fully ask him trade items get your gold back. Repeat and do it all over again!

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