Skyrim Character Gamesave Request ( Xbox 360 )

Kalin921 Mar 23, 2014

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    Jan 30, 2014
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    is it possible to make a young looking high elf male so like no dirt on the face, no facial hair and long white( the long straight without the one ponytail )hair with like demon or daedra wings like give some type of scary looking wings with like red eyes if the red aren't possible then make him a dark elf and if it is possible then give him
    -All perks at 99 so sneak,one hand,conjuration etc.
    -unlimited magic and stamina and his health can be at like 4000 or 5500
    -all daedric gear and weapons with copies of themselves for duel wielding and companion reasons
    -All magic spells and shouts with unlimited dragon souls if the shouts aren't unlocked and no reload time on shouts.
    -unlocking the map is optimal for you
    -start in helgan keep on imperial side

    That's it really if I missed something then ill update the trend if you can do it just post the link in the comments thank you guys I actually did think of something can you make his unarmed attacks a.k.a punches claw attacks like the khajit and if its even possible try and give him claws ( that's optional as well )

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