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Skullgirls Review

GamrInsanity Apr 12, 2012

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    The first thing that people will notice is that this game has a cast of characters that are all female. This 2D fighter has a feeling that’s similar to a big title called Marvel VS Capcom 3 without all the crazy graphics the game has.


    Skullgirls allows gamers to bring one to three characters into combat, even if your opponent chooses a different combination. Some may find this to be an unfair advantage but they have balanced the game so if you only have one player you can take more damage compared to each individual on the opposing side. The other big thing is if you have more than one character on your side you can link combos together for some devastating action. The game offers eight characters to go into battle with and each one of them feels wildly distinct from one another.


    One of the big things about this game that many people way be worried about is how the fighting system works. The game has a different style with the uses of high and low unlockables and infinite loops. The unlockables are a ruthless series of combinations that impossible to block. Infinite loops are a string of attacks that can be repeated over and over. Most fighters get old and frustrating when someone is constantly using the same button presses to gain a victory, so Skullgirls introduces the Infinity Breaker. It is used to knock the opposing player back that’s abusing infinity loops. It is an attack that knocks the opponent backwards and deals no damage. It’s just to level the playing field.


    The Skullgirls story is centered on a malevolent MacGuffin called the Skull Heart. Each character has her own reasons for wanting to capture it and allows the player to get a sense of understanding as the narrative continues. Just like any other game in this genre, the story mode is a typical collection of fights sectioned with dialogue. These scenes are filled with amazing artwork that fleshes out the vast array of supporting characters working behind the scenes. Arcade mode is another mode in the game as well, and it pits you against a random series of teams leading up to the final boss.


    If you’re a fighting game fan than Skullgirls is worth every penny. The tutorial offers extensive value on how to master characters and how you learn them is something that other fighting games should take a look at. The online play is a great touch using some old tech to make sure you have a lag free experience. The game has no move lists that you can open on the fly so make sure you learn your stuff before going online. The single player has zero replay value so if you’re looking to pick this one up just for the chicks and the cleavage…. You have been warned.

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