Silent Hill Homecoming ??GS[Legit Order]

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    File Name: Silent Hill Homecoming ??GS
    File Submitter: M4H
    File Submitted: 13 Jan 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Legit Order Saves

    From the Read Me - Unknown Creator - Xbox 360 Gamesaves -

    I recommend playing to at least the first boss before using the saves to get a mostly legit order for beating the enemy types

    These achievements can be done legit in the first level without much difficulty:

    Sightseeing 10 - Found 1 Photo
    Alchemilla's Finest 10 - Defeated 1 Nurse
    Creeper Reaper 10 - Defeated 1 Swarm

    The first serum for the achievement "Kaufmann's Handiwork" can be found in the town hall after you first arrive in shepards glen. It's in the room on the right side of the building.

    Loading up save 8 after you get the last drawing you can use the key to get into section 3 and fight an order member for the achievement "Out of Order"

    Save 12 should have a lurker in the basement for the achievement "Lurk No More"

    Save 6 if you go back to the main room (not up the stairs again) you can kill a schism for the achievement "Split Personality". Getting the rest of the 5 pieces for the door should give you a Siam to kill for "Shades of James" as well.

    All im missing is a place to kill a feral, a needler, and a smog . If you just play through the first few areas of the game you should get these without too much trouble

    01. Six Feet Under 50 : Turn around. Go through door. Try to open next door then room transforms to hell version. Fight boss through door. Use the laser gun.

    02. Blood Doner 50 - Defeat Scarlet: Turn around and go down the ladder. Follow the path to the boss. Kill boss. Use the laser gun.

    03. Lock n Load 25: From the save enter the cemetary from the south end on the map. In the cemetary go to the locked door and use the key in your inventory. Pick up the rifle.

    04. Catch Your Breath 50 - Defeat Asphyxia: Follow the only path you can take. Kill 2 needlers along the way then kill the boss. Use the laser gun.

    05. Compassion 20/ Mercy 20 : Go down the stairs turn around and go through the open gate. Follow the path to the cell block. Duck under the middle cell and go into the next one and get the "loose wire". Go back out of the cell and go up the stairs in this room. Jump the gap and go left through the double doors. Go through the door on the right and get the "Scrap of wire". Go back into the cell block. Enter the middle cell on the left and get the "Radio wire". Go to the cell next to this one and put the wires into the junction box. The order is RED, WHITE, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW. Go to the bottom floor and out the double doors oppisite the ones you first entered into this area. Punch the code 110391 into the keypad on the left then go through the door. Follow the path to the mother then make a choice. Reload the save and do all that over except choose the other option at the mother.

    06. Josh's Gallery 50 : From the save turn around and go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs immediatly to the right is a mirror with a bowl in front of it. The last photo is in the bowl.

    07. Forgiveness 20 - Alex Forgives his father / Angela's Choice 20 - Alex does not forgive his father : Turn around and walk over to the confession booth. Talk to the guy....pick all Y answers. Reload save and pick all X answers.

    08. Nursery Rhymes 50 : Look on your map and head to room 212. Go into it and climb through the glass to room 211. Go through the south door and the last drawing is behind the box on the left.

    09. Health junkie : From the save look on your map and head to room 301. Go to the back of the room and head right. The last serum is on the table

    10. Now About Those Drinks 25 : Exit the room and go to room 113. Break the glass and go to room 112. Give wheeler the first aid kit.

    11. Head Above Water 50, Intensive Care - 50 : Turn around and go through the door across from you. then take the door south. Check the coffin with the shepard names on it. Kill the boss. watch the ending, the achievement pops after the saving.

    12. Rising Tension 25, Science Fiction 25 : Not sure if these will work if your profile hasnt got the UFO ending completed. Leave the town hall.
    Head to your house. The laser gun in in joshas bedroom on the trunk. The saw is in the garage after you get the remote from the basement.

    13. The Old Gods...100/ Smile 50 : Turn around and go through the door across from you. then take the door south. Check the coffin with the shepard names on it. Kill the boss. watch the ending, the achievement pops after the saving. You have the laser gun with 7 serums, 22 health drinks, and 8 first aid kits. It should be almost impossible to lose :)

    14. Contains the other endings.

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