Silent Hill: Fighting The Haunted

Nasyr Dec 1, 2014

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    Silent Hills is for sure a game you will have to change your pants during, a few more times then expected. Not only does this game make the chills runs up your spine but, it gives the most exciting suspense any gamer could ask for. If you don't think games can be scary, then I would rethink all of that with this game ahead. As I have also recently learned is that you have to make decisions between things that you may not agree with but, it has to happen. I for one do not like the dark so, this game should for sure be fun for me in the best of ways.

    This game has only been confirmed for PlayStation 4. As sad as that may be for some, it's not for certain that the PS4 is all it is being released for. It is still to be announced with more details on the game along with what other consoles or systems in may include with it. If anything I think the PC gamers will be lucky this time around with this game as it more than likely will come to it. If anything I hope that they make the push to make the game available for everyone to poop there pants with or in other words... Available for all systems.

    So this game is more of the movies story line to follow. If any of you have seen the movie Silent Hill, this game will have some of the areas based off it. BUT most of that seems to also just be a rumor as to what I believe is true of it just being a rumor. From looking a previews it actual seems like a huge difference in storyline and meaning. This game provides the striking previews that the character you play as a character that is a protagonist to the game to the Silent Hills game. This character does not and will not know much going into the game but, they are determined to find out what lays ahead!
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