Sid Meier's Civilization - 1,000 (JAP)[Legit Order]

M4H Sep 5, 2013

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    File Name: Sid Meier's Civilization - 1,000 (JAP)
    File Submitter: M4HFile Submitted: 05 Sep 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Legit Order Saves

    Credit - Upload/Repack/Rewrite - M4H - XPGamesaves - Based on saves from GrantosUK, Majesty and Ben - If you are going to rip the set at least give me credit please.

    This is for the JAP version of the game (ID 54540845).

    First if you have played the US version a lot you will be fine but fair warning all the text is in JAP. The load option is 2nd on the main screen, then 2nd on the next. Also as stated below you must play the first game legit to get the achievements listed, not hard as all the pictures are still there for everything and the controls are the same.

    Next I have rewritten the Read Me to make it easier to understand. Enjoy and follow the list in order and it will look legit. Also if the folder has a config file, you need it as well in order for the save to work.

    Before starting the save set you need to play a legit game with the Romans civilization and win. This is very easy on the start difficulty. If anyone has trouble let me know and I will add another save in. During this play through you will need to get the following achievements:

    Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride - Make contact with another civilization - CPU should eventually run into you somewhere.

    Culture is Worth a Little Risk - Build a Wonder of the World - In the city screen I think it is the third option down and just build any of them.

    Once More Unto the Breach - Combine three identical units into an army. - In your first city just build 3 warriors and and have them in the same space then press "y" to create an army.

    80% of Success is Showing Up - Accumulate culture to unlock a famous person. - Keep building natural wonders or temples and other buildings and one will show up.

    Home is Where One Starts From - Construct a special building. - Second Option in the city screen, just build any building.

    Before all Else, Be Armed - Earn a special unit ability in combat. - With your army, search around the map for barbarians or other civilizations and keep attacking them and it will unlock after 3 or 5 victories. "Press "B" in between turns in home territory to heal them.

    Scientia Potentia Est - Complete development of any technology. - Goes along with the game can't miss it.

    Napalm in the Morning - Defeat an enemy unit. - Will get it while trying to get the unit upgrade.

    The Fruit of Labor - Build a second city in a game. - After a few turns in the city screen on the first option, it should be the first option to select and then just go a few squares over and start a new city.

    Now begin the set with all of those other achievements completed including winning with the Romans.

    1. Good Afternoon, Doctor Jones - Just move unit into artifact, the save is set right before the required movement

    2. One Mistress and No Master, Have Fun Storming the Castle - Press "B" and then "A" and the game should end.

    3. What is the City but the People - Play a few turns and the city of Delhi will rise to 20, rushing the aquaduct by pressing "X" in the city screen wilal make it quicker.

    4. The Will to Win is Everything - Just attack the city below you and win once. If you lose just reload and try again.

    5. The Universal of Brotherhood of Men, The Root of All Evil, An Indomitable Will, A Revelation Man, Organized Knowledge - Press "B" to skip turns on each save and an achievement should pop on each one.

    6. All others must Fail, A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned - Press "B" until the game ends.

    7. Ideas Control the World, 640K Ought to be Enough, Absolute Power is Kind of Neat, Power Never Takes a Back Step and Destroyer of Worlds - Press "B" to skip turns until the game ends.

    8. Blood and Iron, Embiggens the Smallest Man, The Guy Who Signs the Checks, Vi Victa Vis
    - Load save 0 (1) - Attack Madrid.
    - Load save 1 (2) - Press "B".
    - Load save 3 (3) - Press "B".

    9. Such Joy Ambition Finds, Citizen of the World, Playing the Game, Indistinguishable from Magic - Load each of the 4 saves and press "B" until game ends.

    10. Curse of the Drinking Class, Great Wind is blowing - Press "B" to finish the game.

    11. A Knight without Fear ot Blame, That we may Live in Peace - Press "B" to finish the game.

    12. Flower and Song - Load save and attack Beijing with the two units outside the city.

    13. We the People, Imagination Rules the World, A short Life of Glory, Victory over Lesser Men, The World is a Harsh Place and Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom - Load each save and Press "B" to end turn.

    14. I will not be Triumphed Over - Press "B" to end turn.

    15. Fair and Softly Goes Far, Difficulties Mastered, Here's looking at you kid.
    - First to make sure the config file loads, go to the main title screen and log out of your profile. Now log back in and choose your storage device. Now load the save and Press "B" to end the turn and it should pop "Fair and Softly Goes Far, Difficulties Mastered."
    - After that's done then go back to the main menu and choose the first option then start a new game with the American's (Abe Lincoln) and the last achievement should pop on load.

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    You killing these sets, very nice clean work. Keep it up!!!

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