Shops To Check 2nd Hand Xbox360 with Halo3 DVD+R DL?

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    News from French Xbox website tells us the French retailer Micromania is now checking each Xbox360 with a Halo3 "DVD+R DL RW" (whatever that is lol) disc before buying it back from customers and putting it on the 2nd-hand market.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    According to their source at Micromania this discs is coming from Microsoft itself (!?). This is a quick test to see if the DVD FW has been flashed with a custom firmware - and would avoid the 2nd-hand buyer to be banned at a later time not knowing his FW was flashed. Of course you can still flash your DVD FW back to stock FW before selling it ;) Wouldn't really detect already-banned consoles either, but I'll assume they do a different check for that.

    If other shops out there received a similar disc or got instructions from MS about how to detect flashed DVD FWs and banned consoles for 2nd-hand 360s, feel free to let me know ;) xantium /AT/ xbox-scene /DOT/ com ;)


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