Shangri La 3 of the 5 achievements (How to)

ADDZ Jun 28, 2011

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    3 of the 5 achievements

    Zomb Disposal: Kill a napalm Zombie without it hurting anyone
    Basically, big Rainbow off flaming zombie, you'll know when you see him, get everyone clear and aim for the head, or throw alot of grenades. You get him in an early round so he is quite easy to kill. Also getting too close to the Napalm zombie will cause it to explode and harm you, which will result in no achievement.

    Monkey see, Monkey don't: Get something from the monkeys.
    Confirmed the monkey steals a perk received from a zombie before you pick it up and will run away, having the perk flash above it, simply kill the monkey and take your perk.

    Blinded by the Fright: Kill a shrieker zombie while blinded by it.
    Shrieker zombies will scream, causing loss of vision and you will have to shoot and kill the zombie while it has an effect on you. You should be able to see it quite easily. Shoot and kill it and get your achievement.

    Info from HuMuRoUs

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