Selling legit gear non modded for cash for a good cause.

Kittykinx Dec 1, 2013

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    Nov 26, 2013
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    Erm hey guys im actually doing this to get some money for Christmas no flamers please... Selling all high non modded legit non duped gear I guess for cash, Pm me in this forums to enquire. Im not selling it at like 300-500$ USD just a meagre sum to tide over Christmas. My highest dps are 1400k With dh 1388k with barb 870k on wd and 1200k on wizard. All items cannot be found by saves, are all self found legit. Some are by trades, but I won't give the duped gear. If your looking for high dps gear and pay to win wise, here is the deal. Only accept payment by paypal... I have legit 9 seconds zombie dog gear as well you can check all affixes on all items to deem whether its legit before we do anything. No scam deals here as well. Thankyou very much, as I said no flamers or ragers as I actually have customers that bought 400 USD worth of gear.

    Ps3 and xbox 360 welcomed.

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