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Select Xbox Live users get £5 free to celebrate World of Tanks

Rocky Feb 19, 2014

  1. Ro

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    Microsoft would like you to start spending money in World of Tanks, please. These free-to-play games aren't going to pay for themselves, you know. If it helps, Microsoft is actually happy for you to spend Microsoft's money in World of Tanks - the firm has mailed out a bunch of £5 Xbox Live gift vouchers to selected Xbox Live users in the UK. Are you among the lucky recipients?

    "Start your quest for domination in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition with £5 to spend towards a Gold Pack Currency Bundle," reads the email, picked up by Videogamer. "Simply redeem the code below to get £5 credited to your Live account to spend in-game."

    What might you buy in World of Tanks? Gold, that's what. This virtual currency can be spent on new tank paraphernalia and Premium Accounts that enable faster research, among other inessential but useful thingies.

    You don't actually have to spend the cash on World of Tanks, however. "Simply login to your Microsoft account and enter your 25-digit number," continues the email. "Once you redeem your code, the entire value of the card will be transferred to your Microsoft account. You can then use the money in your Microsoft account to purchase games, apps, videos, and music at the Windows Store and select Xbox stores."

    So, how does one go about becoming a "selected" Xbox Live user? And is the offer available in other regions? I don't know. You might, if you've received a code - feel free to sound off about it in tones of immense and unpardonable smugness.


    Source - OXM
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    yes i recieved a email my a redeem code the £5 went into my m$ money so i think i can spend it on anything
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