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zubsz Jan 13, 2014

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    I hope we can still make mod requests? if not ignore what's below.

    Savegame file

    List of mods I need:
    2000 health/4000 stamina/unlimited magicka( main)
    Huge amount of gold
    All perks at level 100 and unlocked (main)
    All daedric weapons with an improvement in the region 200-300. I hope you can do the same with staffs as well?
    200 dragon souls
    All potions 100 each
    Dragon shouts recovery delay to 0(unlimited basically)
    Carry weight to 1,000,000 (main)
    1000 black soul gem
    Armour ratings stay the same
    Lots of alchemy, armour and enchanting items etc
    All enchantments unlocked
    Anything else that doesn’t make me too overpowered

    If any of the above mods glitch/corrupt/do not work or do something unexpected to the game please I request you not to include it, I still have the dawnguard dlc to complete. I hope I haven’t asked too much, I can be so ungrateful at times. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay for such services.

    If this might take a long time to do, Then Just mod the main requests. Thanks

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