Save Request for Skyrim. Not asking for much.

JaboiNuck Feb 14, 2013

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    Feb 11, 2013
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    I'll try this again.

    10,000 Heartstone. Must have.

    Normal Stats. I hate god mode. I wanna be able to die and use Dragon Aspect/Korahnik Dragon Priest Mask.

    Infinite Karstaag summons: This may be impossible as I've seen no save with it. Sadly he can only be used outdoors. What's worth fighting outdoors? Dragons fly too damn much and he is a melee fighter. But still nice to have.

    Developer Skills/Powers/Active effects. (GLITCH FREE) This does not mean the skills I can get in-game, but I do want those Powers/Active Effects you get from Dragonborn Black Books. I wanna have all 3 from 1 book. I only want Skills/Powers/Active effects you can use. Me loves Conjure Dragon Priest, but don't wanna have to spam it just to get it to work.

    Weapons/Armor you cannot get in-game AND the ones you have to miss. Example. Aetherial items. I pick the Aetherial Crown. I cannot get the Aetherial Staff or Shield if I do. Ring of Hircine/Savior's Hide. Siding with Dawnguard therefore missing out on the Vampire Rings/Amulets.

    The Miraak gear is what I want also. 3 sets.

    That is all I want. Thank GOD, and you, if you can do this for me OR teach me how to do it.

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