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    Volition and THQ are bringing back the Saints, and this time they hold nothing back.

    Scheduled to release on Nov 15th, 2011, Saints Row The Third takes place following the Saints successful take over of the city Stillwater. They are at the top of the world, only to have a bank robbery go south, and they end up in jail. The story works around the Saints being broken out of jail by a rival organization known as the Syndicate, who want some of their turf. The Saints won’t have any of that and an all out war is born.

    Saints 3 is still a 3rd person action game, and still has many of the same features you loved in previous Saints game, such as strongholds, the crazy mini-games, gang hideouts to buy and lots of player/car/hideout customization.

    New to Saints 3 is a leveling system that works around the Respect system. Now you earn experience points for completing missions, challenges, mini-games, etc and use that XP to level up the skills and attributes of your player. You can then use the new ‘Initiation System’ to upload your character creations to the online community for download. This has been great in games that use similar systems, such as the Fight Night series. We can only imagine what you’ll come up with for us to check out.

    The one flaw we know so far is that Saints still only supports 2 player online (and offline) co-op. Booooooo. At least it has 2 player but 4 player would have been ideal. It’s a game about gangs, not just 2 people. That would have been pretty easy to write in to the story. It’s also strange it’s only 2 player since Volition has dropped the online multiplayer completely to have more time to work on the co-op system. This should have made having the time to make it 4 player, an easier task. We don’t make games so we can only wonder why this happens. In the end, a two-man gang is better than a one man gang (remember him?).

    We’ll have more news on this one as it comes out, for now check out the newest trailer below.​
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    dang that looks tight 8)

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