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Rocky Feb 5, 2014

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    Still playing Saints Row IV? Then you'll be excited to learn that the game has received five new DLC packs, bringing a host of costumes, weapons and other items to the game.

    These include the free Reverse Cosplay Pack, which adds the Genki Space Pimp outfit and Freckle ***** garments to wear. Check out details for all five DLC packs, as well as links, a trailer and screens below.

    Reverse Cosplay Pack (Free) – The best selections from the Saints Row IV Reverse Cosplay contest are now available to download. Sport two new outfits starting today: Wear the Genki Space Pimp outfit to end Zin filibusters in style, or don the Freckle *****’s outfit to deliver justice, Saints-style.

    GameStop’s Warped Weapon Challenge – The Polarizer DLC ($0.99/£0.79) – Harness the power of an incredible magnet gun capable of magnetizing people, attracting them to your Polarizer weapon, and then reversing its polarity to create an explosion of people!

    College Daze DLC ($2.99/£2.39) – Get your Greek on with this flashy set of fratboy and sorority girl outfits, and up your party game with the Beer Helmet and Bra Hat. College Daze also includes Shayne’s Barstool Racer

    Game On DLC ($2.99/£2.39) – While cruising in the Puck Truck, sport the best in hockey gear with a hockey mask, goalie gear and a hockey stick. Additionally, for those more gentlemanly citizens of Steelport, the Game On DLC includes a golf cap, set of fairway formal duds and an iron.

    Bling Bling Pack ($2.99/£2.39) – Bring the Bling back to Steelport with a set of money-themed powers that can turn your enemies into gold with the Midas touch, or make it rain with stomp or blast your enemies in the face with dollar bills. With the Bling Bling pack you’ll be shaking your money maker all over the Row in style.





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