Saints Row IV Cheat Codes

GamrInsanity Aug 15, 2013

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    Here's a small list of cheat codes that have been released.

    Saints Row IV is an insane game with tons of crazy things going on at all times. In a normal playthrough of the game, you will encounter guns that inflate people until they literally blow up, aliens invading, and tanks being thrown around with only the power of the mind. That's fun and all, but let's make this game even MORE crazy. To turn on any of these cheats, go to the HUB menu, then go to the Extras menu, and then go to the Cheats menu.
    Note: Entering any of these codes will disable auto-saves and will render you unable to get Trophies/Achievements (until you load a clean save).
    Cheat Result
    cheese Puts $100k in your pockets. This cheat can be spammed multiple times in a row
    letsrock Gives you a full load-out of randomized weapons
    goodygoody Removes the Notoriety from you at any time
    runfast Your super-sprint doesn't exhaust your Stamina
    fryhole All of the dead bodies lying around start to raise up into the air
    vroom Indestructible cars
    isquishyou All cars can now drive over other cars like tanks. NOTE: This can only be turned off by reloading a clean save
    hohoho This makes all of the pedestrians either pimps or prostitutes
    mascot All pedestrians turn into mascots
    evilcars Makes all of the cars on the road target you and start attacking you

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