Ryse: Son Of Rome Multiplayer Update Coming

Bullet Jan 8, 2014

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    Ryse: Son Of Rome without doubt is The Xbox One's piece of 'Eye candy'. The next gen title really is a stunning looking game with some movie like cinamatic scenes. Like any game though Cryteks latest game isn't without its bugs and glitches.

    We previously reported on issues with matchmaking which resulted in you not being able to connect to other players, and in some cases causing black screen and freezing the console, however this isn't actually a glitch with the game itself, this is an issue with the Xbox One and can be fixed by manually powering down the Xbox One completly and rebooting.

    Another glitch in the game, which doesnt really hinder gameplay at all is that sometimes during a special attack the enemies will freeze on the spot and become invincible. The multiplayer matches can still be finished though and its more funny than anything else when you see the enemy frozen in some werid poses.

    One glitch that does cause a problem during gameplay though is caused whilst trying to revive enemies in the multiplayer mode. Although this problem doesn't happen everytime you revive a fallen comrade when it does its kind of annoying as it renders you unable to attack or defend yourself allowing you only to run around and therefore not finish the match. We contacted Crytek about the issue and they said that they are aware of the issue and that there is a patch coming soon that will make improvements to the game and fix all known glitches described.

    We will keep you updated with news of the update when we have it.
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