Ryse: Son Of Rome Known Glitches

Bullet Jan 7, 2014

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    When i first loaded up Ryse: Son Of Rome I was amazed how great the game looked and couldn't wait to start hacking and slashing my way through Barbarian hordes. I put aside the fact that it was linear, historically incorrect and altogether shallow and really enjoyed the single player, even though its way too short even on the hardest setting.
    After completing the single player i set about playing the multiplayer modes.... well actually that's a lie because out of the many attempts to connect to somebody online only twice was it actually successful.
    I checked nat settings, reset my router and even cleared the cache on the Xbox One but still i find it hardly ever connects me to another player and when it does I sometimes get black screen which freezes the whole Xbox One and forces me to restart.
    In the few games i managed to play online , one time i had a pot get stuck on my players foot and then i noticed another bug in the game.
    If a player gets downed during the game and you go to revive them it will sometimes render you unable to use any moves or do anything other than run around. You will not be able to pick up the downed player, or fight , the only way to rectify this is to quit the match and hope you are lucky enough to be able to connect to someone online again.
    This was Microsoft's bit of eye candy to show off the Kinect integration and graphical capabilities, but its far from perfect. I have contacted CryEngine about the issues and am currently waiting on a response.
    Has anyone here experienced any of these or any other issues with Ryse, if so please post below and let me know.

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