Ryse: Son of Rome 2000G Update

Nasyr Mar 25, 2015

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    Ryse: Son of Rome, the possibly most appealing fighting game around, as of today. Not only is a type of tasty candy for the eyes but, it offers life like fighting scenes that really put you in the game. Some gamers report that they really have nothing bad to say about the game. Some of the fighting is a little repetitive but, for the most part the graphics makes everyone overcome that flaw. And well.. If you're reading this and haven't tried the game yet, you're making a foolish mistake. You will be amazed.

    As for the meat of this article, it will entail details about the new update the Developers have released on the game. It offers three new objectives/missions as well as raising the overall Gamerscore of the game up to a total of 2000G. This update alone brings in 250G which has pushed the game to it's mark of 2000. Now not only is that good but, these new missions really make a mark on what the game has become. I am most certain you will like these new achievements so, buckle up and read below. ​

    New Achievements and Gamerscore/each:
    • Et tu, Brute (100G): save the emperor and then kill him
    • Beware the Ides of March (50G): Complete 15 executions in a single multiplayer game
    • Madness in March (100G): play seven games in multiplayer Barbarous

    From the sounds of it, you will be killing an emperor. Most of you will be "wow'd" by the fact of that and others may not. But it could entail that the emperor has hidden information about the killers of his family or possibly tried to betray him. More like a revenge mission then a save mission, it seems. The second and third achievements are fairly self explanatory. ​
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