Rock Band 4 More Expensive On Xbox One Than PS4

Bullet Aug 24, 2015

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    Harmonix have recently dropped a couple of bombshells about the next installment to the Rock Band series, both of which revolve around costing.
    PS4 owners will be able to purchase the standalone game for $60 USD, however the Xbox One version will be significantly more expensive at $80 USD.
    The price difference is due to the fact that the Xbox One version requires a "legacy game controller adapter," which will allow players to use their existing Xbox 360 instruments.
    PS4 owners will not need any adapter, however; legacy Rock Band instruments will work out of the box.
    To avoid any confusion Harmonix has released a chart for gamers to figure out if older instruments will work with Rock Band 4.
    The second bombshell affected Australian gamers who will have to pay a whopping 100% more for Rock Band 4 than US gamers.
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