Rock band 3 pro mode costs $1 extra !

Bullet Sep 30, 2010

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    Rock Band 3 is blurring the line between toy instruments and real ones, but you may have to pay a little more to get the full rock star experience. In an IGN interview with MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer, he revealed some new details about the downloadable content pricing models. In short, if you want to play Pro Guitar, you'll have to pay for the extra layer of complexity.

    "The only thing that's more difficult for us in terms of authoring time is the guitar stuff, so we've decided to sell Pro Mode for guitar separately," DeGooyer said. "If you're not interested in Pro Mode for guitar, you can still get the DLC that should conform to our current DLC pricing, and you get Pro Mode for all your other instruments." He went on to explain that stand-alone songs are typically $1.99, and purchasing the Pro Mode for Guitar will add another dollar to the price for a total of $2.99. Some songs won't be complex enough to warrant a Pro Mode option.

    DeGooyer also hints that "one major band" already in the game will be updated with Pro Mode content, but the company hasn't worked out how to supply the updated content to those who already own the music. Harmonix will also be reexamining some other bands now that Pro Mode is an option.

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