RGH Giveaway 3

Bullet Apr 15, 2013

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    XPG RGH Giveaway 3

    This is our third RGH giveaway of 2013 so far and this time its open to everyone over 20 posts!
    Yes you read it right, this RGH Giveway is open to all members with over 20 posts.
    This RGH is a good solid xbox and has been modified for optimum performance.

    The RGH is a Jasper with a custom fan mod and Rol.

    RGH Specs:
    • Jasper 16mb RGH
    • Boot times range from 5 - 30 secs
    • Latest dash installed.
    • 20 gig Hdd
    • Blue ROL

    This RGH IS Updated to latest Dashlaunch and Freestyle dash basically its a fresh new RGH ready to be set up in anyway you want it.

    Power brick and cables but no controller included.

    PLEASE NOTE there is no DVD drive in it as you don`t need one in it anyways were the dvd drive was i replaced it with a 12v fan for better cooling and also cut the piece out at the back were the fans are for better cooling aswell.TEMPERATURE always stays below 45 degrees maybe lower if you whack the fans on full whack i have them at 70%.

    View the RGH here:


    So heres the entry requirements:

    To enter the RGH giveaway you must have at least 20 posts+

    This RGH Giveaway is open to ALL members!

    To Enter and view terms of entry go HERE
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