[Request] The Ins and Out of Xex modding forza horizon/4/3.

SerradedButterknife Apr 10, 2013

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    This has to do with modding the gamedb.slt file, this is for various things, almost everything in horizon. You'll need a tool known as SQLiteBrowser, it's free just look it up on google for a download. I have a really good tool within ifile on my phone so that's what I use making a convienient way to mod gamedb anywhere.
    •Engine Upgrades: List_upgrade"engine part" then go to torque scale. Each .2 that's added is about 100hp. 4.9999 is a little over 2k+ HP. For camshaft,turbo,CSC/DSC, adjust the rpms around.
    •Adding engine swaps: find the engine ID for the desired engine through,data engine(near bottom), and the car ID and manufacturer Id. Find desired car with data car (next to data engine). Go into List_UpgradeEngine and click "add Record" and fill in the car you want the swap for's Id then the engine I'd for the desired engine then the manufacturer Id for the engine. The rest is the same as every other car except the diff which will be a bunch of random #'s on the normal swaps just make it 0.0.
    •body mods: theres a value for upgrades car body and that what you use. then you have to import the model file from forza 4. But you won't have collision physics so the first bump will land you under the map.
    •Spring Mods: Everything except for spacer can be done within a list at the bottom called "List_SpringDamperPhysics" this has camber, caster ride height the whole nine yards.
    -First: find car Id as usual then mod pick the one with 003 for 3rd spring upgrade, there are 3 ride height values min/max/def, put desired value for all three. Then to the right is "staticcamber", treat that value as the degrees of camber you want, ie. -15.0 is a lot of camber. All the other values are there if you wish to tune your car.
    ---Forza 4/3 there's a tuning file, forza/media/physics/physicssettings or something, find ride height and camber and anything else you want to change in notes and you'll see something like mincamber or maxcamber, this determines how far you can tune the car in game.
    •How to mod physics(I think its for each individual car but idk cause ima noob)
    •neons for forza 4/3 there's a file, game/media/tracks/desired track/tracksettings, find "dropshadowcolor", r,g,b are red,green,blue.
    I'll be ecstatic if anyone can explain any of these points for me. Thanks for reading and if any of these are answered in another post please post a link so people may benefit.
    I'll edit this as I learn each point and provide my own explanation as I learn so as to eventually make a tutorial.

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