[REQUEST] Skyrim Gamesave Mod - Anyone Willing?

DerGeneral Oct 11, 2012

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    Hell, Sector 9
    Hiya everybody.

    Bit new here, but I figured this'd be a good place to check. Seems full of more active, helpful people than some previous places I've gone to.

    So, I've got an Xbox 360 Skyrim save, and I'm interested in modding it if anybody's willing to help me. I'd do it myself, but this old thing I've got's hardly even useful as an anchor anymore, let alone running games.

    I've got most of the commands already typed up for adding perks and items and the like, with the most difficult part probably being the deletion of a couple ash piles and dead corpses left behind by some random Dawnguard-based Vampire attacks, and, in turn, spawning new copies of those who were maimed or vaporized in these random attacks.

    That's about it. It'll be a tall order, I think, but I've got most of the work already typed up and ready to be copied and pasted.

    So. Anybody out there who'd be willing to mod a save for me? I'm kinda hoping someone might be able to before tomorrow, since I might not have internet for a bit, and I'll be keeping Skyrim pretty close to me in the meantime.

    Save file: http://www.mediafire...tt3wb4dn29k5qoy

    Not sure of the coding for the following. The save will start out in Windhelm. If you travel toward the Market area, there should be four or five ash piles and the body of Susanna the Wicked in the graveyard. In my understanding, they can be marked for deletion, which'd be great. (Target and use "MarkForDelete") I also don't understand what coding is required to bring NPCs without bodies back to life, but I'd appreciate it if you could spawn new copies of the following. There's also a single ash pile in Riften in front of the Thieves Guild Cistern entrance, delete that, too.
    I think I got the coding for these right. I used the BaseIDs, but I'm not sure if those are what I should use or not.


    player.placeatme 00013281 (Nils)
    player.placeatme 00014134 (Captain Lonely-Gale)
    player.placeatme 00014137 (Angrenor Once-Honored)
    player.placeatme 00014127 (Arivanya)
    player.placeatme 0001412 (Susanna the Wicked)
    player.placeatme 00014140 (Aval Atheron)
    player.placeatme 00014120 (Jora)

    player.placeatme 000BB2C0 (Synda Llanith)
    player.placeatme 000B9980 (Marcurio)

    player.placeatme 00013B97 (Anoriath)

    player.placeatme 00013281 (Giraud Gemane)

    Stat Changes:

    player.forceav carry weight 2000000
    player.forceav magicka 17000
    player.forceav health 17000
    player.forceav stamina 17000

    player.setav.shoutrecoverymult 0

    player.addperk 00058217
    player.addperk 00058218
    player.addperk 00105F2A
    player.addperk 00105F2B
    player.addperk 00105F2F
    player.addperk 00105F2E
    player.addperk 00105F2C
    player.addperk 0005821D
    player.addperk 000F2CA6
    player.addperk 000C44B7
    player.addperk 000C44B8
    player.addperk 000C44B9
    player.addperk 000C44BA
    player.addperk 000153CD
    player.addperk 000D7999
    player.addperk 000D799A
    player.addperk 000D799B
    player.addperk 00053128
    player.addperk 00053129
    player.addperk 0005312A
    player.addperk 000581FC
    player.addperk 000581F7
    player.addperk 000BCCAE
    player.addperk 00079355
    player.addperk 00079356
    player.addperk 00079357
    player.addperk 00079358
    player.addperk 000D8C33
    player.addperk 00058F68
    player.addperk 00058F67
    player.addperk 00058F69
    player.addperk 0005F594
    player.addperk 00058F66
    player.addperk 00058F6A
    player.addperk 00106253
    player.addperk 000F2CA7
    player.addperk 000C44BB
    player.addperk 000C44BC
    player.addperk 000C44BD
    player.addperk 000C44BE
    player.addperk 000153CE
    player.addperk 000640B3
    player.addperk 00105F30
    player.addperk 00105F31
    player.addperk 000D799E
    player.addperk 000D799C
    player.addperk 000581DD
    player.addperk 000CB419
    player.addperk 000CB41A
    player.addperk 000581DE
    player.addperk 000D5F1C
    player.addperk 000F2CA8
    player.addperk 000C44BF
    player.addperk 000C44C0
    player.addperk 000C44C1
    player.addperk 000C44C2
    player.addperk 000153CF
    player.addperk 000153D2
    player.addperk 00105F32
    player.addperk 000581EA
    player.addperk 0010FCF9
    player.addperk 000581E7
    player.addperk 0010FCF8
    player.addperk 00058200
    player.addperk 0010FCFA
    player.addperk 000F3933
    player.addperk 000F3F0E
    player.addperk 000F392E
    player.addperk 00058F81
    player.addperk 00058F82
    player.addperk 000CB411
    player.addperk 000F2CA9
    player.addperk 000153D0
    player.addperk 000C44C3
    player.addperk 000C44C4
    player.addperk 000C44C5
    player.addperk 000C44C6
    player.addperk 000581E1
    player.addperk 000581E2
    player.addperk 00059B77
    player.addperk 00059B78
    player.addperk 000581FD
    player.addperk 000C44B5
    player.addperk 00059B76
    Light Armor
    player.addperk 000BE123
    player.addperk 00079376
    player.addperk 00079389
    player.addperk 00079391
    player.addperk 00079392
    player.addperk 00051B1B
    player.addperk 00051B1C
    player.addperk 00105F22
    player.addperk 00051B17
    player.addperk 00107831
    player.addperk 000F392A
    player.addperk 000BE125
    player.addperk 00106259
    player.addperk 00107830
    player.addperk 000C3680
    player.addperk 0005820A
    player.addperk 00105F26
    player.addperk 000C3681
    player.addperk 00058208
    player.addperk 00058209
    player.addperk 000C3682
    One Handed
    player.addperk 000BABE4
    player.addperk 00079343
    player.addperk 00079342
    player.addperk 00079344
    player.addperk 00079345
    player.addperk 00052D50
    player.addperk 0003FFFA
    player.addperk 000C3678
    player.addperk 000C3679
    player.addperk 0005F592
    player.addperk 000C1E92
    player.addperk 000C1E93
    player.addperk 0005F56F
    player.addperk 000C1E90
    player.addperk 000C1E91
    player.addperk 00106256
    player.addperk 00106257
    player.addperk 0003AF81
    player.addperk 000CB406
    player.addperk 00106258
    player.addperk 0003AFA6
    player.addperk 00018E6A
    player.addperk 00018E6B
    player.addperk 00018E6C
    player.addperk 00018E6D
    player.addperk 00105F28
    player.addperk 00058204
    player.addperk 000D79A0
    player.addperk 00058201
    player.addperk 00058205
    player.addperk 000F2CAA
    player.addperk 000C44C7
    player.addperk 000C44C8
    player.addperk 000C44C9
    player.addperk 000C44CA
    player.addperk 000153D1
    player.addperk 000581F8
    player.addperk 000581F9
    player.addperk 000581F4
    player.addperk 000581F5
    player.addperk 000A3F64
    player.addperk 000581E4
    player.addperk 00068BCC
    player.addperk 000BE126
    player.addperk 000C07C6
    player.addperk 000C07C7
    player.addperk 000C07C8
    player.addperk 000C07C9
    player.addperk 00058210
    player.addperk 001036F0
    player.addperk 00058211
    player.addperk 00058213
    player.addperk 0005820C
    player.addperk 00105F23
    player.addperk 00105F24
    player.addperk 00058214
    player.addperk 000C07D0
    player.addperk 000C07D1
    player.addperk 00058F72
    player.addperk 001090A2
    player.addperk 00105F29
    player.addperk 00058F79
    player.addperk 001090A5
    player.addperk 000C5C05
    player.addperk 000C5C06
    player.addperk 000C5C07
    player.addperk 000581E9
    player.addperk 000581EE
    player.addperk 000581EC
    player.addperk 000581E8
    player.addperk 000581ED
    player.addperk 000581EB
    player.addperk 0001BAC9
    player.addperk 00051B1A
    player.addperk 0005821A
    player.addperk 0005821B
    player.addperk 00058F78
    player.addperk 0005CEBE
    player.addperk 0005CEC0
    player.addperk 00058219
    player.addspell 000F5FFA
    player.addspell 000E8282
    player.addspell 000E827D

    Following must be done while in Vampire Lord form, move to inside a house to do so please. All homes in the game are owned, so if fast-travel is done for the respawning NPCs part, no worries.
    player.addperk 02005998
    player.addperk 0200599A
    player.addperk 02016908
    player.addperk 0200599B
    player.addperk 0200599C
    player.addperk 0200599E
    player.addperk 02005994
    player.addperk 02005995
    player.addperk 02005996
    player.addperk 02005997
    player.addperk 02008A70

    Add to Inventory:
    Ring of the Erudite:
    additem xx00E7FE 1
    Ring of the Beast:
    additem xx00E7FD 1
    Amulet of Bats:
    additem xx0068AE 1
    Amulet of the Gargoyle:
    additem xx00F4D5 1
    Rueful Axe:
    additem 0001C4E6 1
    Jagged Crown:
    additem 000DA750 1
    Jarrin Root
    additem 0001BCBC 5000000
    Glow Dust
    additem 0003AD73 5000000
    Crimson Nirnroot
    additem 000B701A 5000000
    Spriggan Sap
    additem 00063B5F 5000000
    Glowing Mushroom
    additem 0007EE01 5000000
    Ancient Shrouded Armor
    additem 000E1F15 1
    additem 000E1F14 1
    additem 000E1F17 1
    additem 000E1F16 1

    Quest fixes:
    setstage MQPaarthurnax 50
    SetStage TGlarceny 80
    player.additem 1994f 1
    setstage Favor158 20
    setstage Favor153 20
    resetquest SolitudeFreeform03

    set TG00BrandSheiJail to 0
    prid 19DDC evp (Not sure if evp needs to be entered as a separate line or not)
    player.removeitem 3a3dd 1
    player.removeitem 0003532C 1
    player.removeitem 000CEDA6 1
    player.drop 0001AD04 1

    If you could please save it at this point, then add "psb" as one final addition as a separate save.

    It's a long list. A really long list. But if someone could manage, I'd be forever indebted.
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    I Cant Do The Dawnguard But i Can Do Normal Skyrim. Is That OK?

    P.S I can change your level to whatever you want.
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    Hell, Sector 9
    Well. That's... Highly unfortunate about the Dawnguard bit, seeing as that's how damn-near everyone in Windhelm died.

    But, if you can spawn new copies of the people who died, as requested, I see no reason why not. Wouldn't be the first time I've had to run through Dawnguard again, after all.

    Alright, sure. Long's ya can do the rest of it, Dawnguard or not, go ahead. I'd sure appreciate it.
  4. DerGeneral

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    Hell, Sector 9
    I really hate double-posting, but... Is there anyone who can do this? I've been holding off on downloading any of the DLC 'cause I didn't want to have to do it over, or have the world still full of dead people...

    I don't suppose anyone would be willing to? ... Maybe before Christmas, if it's not too much trouble? XP I can't find anyone who'll do it.

    If redoing Dawnguard becomes necessary, then it's fine.

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