Report: PlayStation 4 to Boast 50% Power Advantage Over Xbox 720

Rocky Jan 17, 2013

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    The PlayStation 4 will have a 50% raw power advantage over the Xbox 720, according to the latest reports.

    Based on developer sources following CES 2013, the report states that the next PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, will have a running-capability of 1.84 teraflops. That compares favourably with the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, which is reported to achieve 1.23 teraflops.

    Despite this, however, the report also states that the Xbox 720 will have significantly more RAM. The machine will have 8Gb of RAM, with 3Gb sidelined for the operating system, apps and security.That leaves 5Gb purely for games.

    The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, is reported to have 4Gb of RAM, of which 1Gb is reserved for the OS, apps and security, leaving 3Gb for games.

    It is also said that both machines will have the ability to read 100Gb Blu-ray discs.

    The Xbox 720 is reportedly based on the Radeon HD 8770 GPU, while PlayStation 4 is said to be built on AMD’s A10 APU.

    All of which comes at a time when a number of media outlets are said to be prepping “major leak stories” regarding the hardware.

    Be excited, people. Whether this latest report is true or not, we’re gonna learn a whole lot more in the coming days and weeks.

    Note: The original article stated that the PS4 would be 33% more powerful than the Xbox 720. Apologies.

    Source - X360A
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