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gold972 Dec 28, 2013

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    This download is a game save editor for Remember me, on Xbox 360.
    This gamesaves editor works on retails consoles, no need for a modded console.
    This save editor for Remember me allows you to mod PMP Money.
    This save editor will automatically rehash and resign your gamesave for you . So just mod the amount you want , press save and boom ....

    File Name: Remember Me S.E
    File Submitter: Rinnegan
    File Submitted: 03 Jun 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Modding Tools


    About Remember Me:

    The game is set in the year 2084, in a futuristic version of Paris called Neo-Paris. The Memorise corporation has invented a new brain implant called the Sensation Engine (Sensen), which enables roughly 99% of the population to upload and share their memories on the net. This gives Memorise an immense degree of control over the population and enables them to establish a surveillance state.This, in turn, leads to a small group of rebels forming under the name "Errorists": their mission is to bring down Memorise. The invention of the Sensen has also resulted in the creation of Leapers; memory-addicted humans who have absorbed so many memories that their Sensen has degraded and they have mutated into a subhuman form, now living in the sewers of Neo-Paris.
    When the game starts, Nilin (voiced by Kezia Burrows), a memory hunter employed by Memorise who specialized in stealing or altering memories, has her own memory wiped by her employers. Now on the run, Nilin allies with the Errorists and, with help from the rebel leader Edge, sets out to recover her lost memories and bring down Memorise.

    A big thank for JohnAKAGoldGiver for starter save
    Credits For Feudalte for Packages.DLL
    Credits For PureIso&Jappy88 for Isolib.DLL
    Credits for Bullet Founder Xpgamesave

    Click here to download this file

    For those of you with modded consoles such as Jtag , RGH , Dev.
    You can download a +5 Trainer for Remember me.
    The trainer has the following mods:
    • Godmode
    • 1 Hit Kill
    • Fast PMP
    • Fast Fill Fury
    • Infinite Fury Time

      Its available for download HERE

    Click here to view the article

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