[Released] PS3 4.40 CFW Update By MiralaTijera with ReActPSN RIF License Bypass

scunnyemce May 8, 2013

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    Following up on PS3 4.40 CFW and the PS3 v3.1.0 Core Update, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer MiralaTijera has updated his PS3 4.40 CFW to include a ReActPSN RIF license bypass which allows users to run all PS3 DLC, PS1, PS2 Classic and PSN content that previously required RIF files without ReActPSN now.
    To quote, Properly translated thanks to @CaptainCPS-X [​IMG] :

    [update 2 released , read the whole post [​IMG] ]
    CFW 4.40 MiralaTijera :
    Specifications :
    sys_init_osd ( read “Special” )
    lv1 peek / poke
    lv2 peek / poke
    Patched Syscon hash
    Patched nas_plugin ( PKG Install )
    explore_plugin parcheado ( original Install Packages )
    appldr , lv2 hash
    appldr, ecdsa
    isoldr, ecdsa
    spu_pkg_rvk_verifier , ecdsa
    spu_token_processor , ecdsa
    Functional QA flag [​IMG]
    You can re-install the CFW over itself and you can install from CFW 4.31 MiralaTijera, and in theory from any CFW (I just confirm my CFWs).
    -Integrated Core 3.0.1 (Install the nosearch flag for the controller synchronization problem /dev_usb000/flags/nosearch)
    -sys_init_osd no longer exist, it has been completely replaced by CORE
    -LED aways green (FOR NOW)
    BDEMU without the drive is not working, OtherOS is not working
    Iris Manager 2.22 with payload 4.40 is included and ported to this version, source code has been handed to estwald, so he can upload them himself to the Git (repository).
    Links for all this:
    USE THIS IRIS, I FIXED SOME BUGS: http://www.sendspace.com/file/spo1wh
    the process to create the CFW is identical to the previous CFW I did before…
    tomorrow or this afternoon I will make an update to the CORE to add BDEMU without need of the drive and the rest of things that need to be ported to the core [​IMG]
    [update 1 ]
    Core 3.1.0 CFW 4.40 MLT
    BDEMU without drive working in 4.40 ( bdemu flag )
    (beta) loading of alternative kernel (anotherlv2 flag) (the kernel has to be manually copied to /dev_rewrite/lv2ker.self, the console will do a reboot and when the USB is turned off, we remove it and it will load it. (beta)
    reActPSN working, unsigned RIF and ACT.DAT deletion prevention.
    Installation: Put the files on the package on the root of a USB Storage Device, then connect it to the right USB slot and turn the PS3 on, it will install and if the LED stays yellow, then it means that everything worked fine, you will have the log in the USB as before, etc…
    Update 2
    PSX games will have the complete animation intro just like the PS1 [​IMG]
    ReactPSN has been fixed ( without copying or looking at Rogero’s fix )
    RIF license bypass, this means that now the console will not care if the content has been purchased or not, so this means that a console without RIF’s nor ACT.DAT should boot all content without any problem ( ps2 classics for example ) BUUUUT will give a blackscreen, to fix that we will have to patch the “ps2netemu” so it uses a static klicensee.
    and a new mode that I’ve called…
    Dcex, basically reload the system in DEX mode WITHOUT changing the EID or doing the paraphernalia to switch the console to DEX, what you do need to have activated are the QA Flags, nothing else… all in a safe mode and we have our own kind of Debugger to be able to debug games and mount games via Network without any need of backup managers
    This works as follows, inside the pack ( assuming that you have the console running this CFW update). I attached a file called lv2ker.self located in a folder that indicates to read this post.
    This file must be transferred manually to the root of dev_flash, in this case using dev_blind or the same dev_rewrite that gets mounted by the core on each boot.
    Next you just have to activate the flag anotherlv2 (I advice that all this process is temporal, if for any reason the boot fails and it gives 2 beeps, there is no problem, simply remove the flag from USB and reboot the console again.
    Very well, once booted you will see everything just like a DEX, all the special icons and the quick sign up, everything is all good.
    To use the PC Tools, you will need to connect the PS3 via Ethernet wire to your Router, and extract the RAR with all the tools that I’ve attached to the root of a Game, it should end up something like this =

    dtccons..... ETC..
    And then, go to Network Settings and verify the IP address you are assinged, right-click “MLTmountydebug.bat” and choose “Edit” and inside you will see the following IP, change it with your IP, save changes and run the script / batch… in that same moment you will see in discless that it mounts the game via Network, and in one of the 4 windows that will open, the “dtccons” will show you the debugging output, from the PS3 game and system.
    Something like :

    dtccons (Version 1.3 Thu Jun 08 17:05:26 2006)
    ===== Start agent =====
    VSH Debug Agent Version 4.3.0 (62) (Built - Oct 17 2012 18:24:19)
    And core 3.1.1 with the updates and fixes to accommodate what has just been described before in the CFW.
    To apply the update, do as always, with the CORE and nosearch DISABLED you will put everything on the root of a USB Storage Device and it will do the dirty[​IMG] work, on reboot everything will be updated.
    And with this and a Brazier, we burn Rogero xDDDD



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