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    Rebellion have announced that a demo will be out in April, on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 giving players a chance to take a few shots with Sniper Elite V2 ahead of its launch in early May. A final release date is yet to be decided upon though, publisher 505 Games says.
    A demo for the PC version, which is self-published by Rebellion, should be out “sometime next month” as well.

    Upcoming third-person tactical shooter Sniper Elite V2 is offering the greatest pre-order bonus ever: Adolf Hitler. Gamers who pre-order Sniper Elite V2 prior to North American ship date of May 1 will gain access to this ultimate, kill-Der-Fuher mission as well as two new weapons – the Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle SVT-40 and the standard German service rifle Kar 98.
    Here's the mission description of the mission to kill the ultimate evil guy ever:
    Intel has been received that Hitler is returning from Berchtesgaden to Berlin via his personal train. Players must intercept the train as it waits at the station and take down the Fuhrer as he hastily makes way for the station on foot. There is only one opportunity to snipe Hitler and do what so many wish had been done - make it count.​
    Killing Hitler has been a video game favorite since the Apple 2 days of Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.

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