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Bullet Mar 25, 2012

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    Check out these sexy screenshots released by 2Dawn games. The screenshots show off the Hardcore sexy female warriors, one from the Scavenger side and the other from the Resistance. Both sides are fighting for of the wastelands. Also shots of maps and vehicles.

    The "finger" is the new T-bag !

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    Heres the character concepts as well courtesy of 2Dawn

    Character Concepts

    The Warrior

    The warrior is a very quiet but intelligent member of the scavenger team, the brains of the operation, he is very precise with the way he speaks and acts, but don't confuse this with empathy. Born with a disfigured face, he was tortured and picked on through his adolescence, until one day he snapped and vowed to make them all pay slowly, one scream at a time.

    The Grunt

    The Grunt is a bit of a mental case. Growing up His father was really abusive, and his mother stood by and let it happen. He grew up with many problems and fought the urge to become his father for years. Finally he cracked under the pressure of society and killed his family. Once in prison he lost his mind completely and became obsessed with the idea of eating people, after the apocalypse he was freed and became obese by overindulging on victims. You are just the next meal.

    The Bandit

    The Bandit was a former track star in school, and the only thing faster than his legs is his mouth. The Bandit is a very smooth talker and supremely confident, which helped him become a top dog in prison after a failed bank robbery. Now that he is out and survived the prison collapse, his speed and and quick wit have made him a very integral part of the Scavenger team. The Bandit carries only light weaponry for quick close range combat and wears very little protection. He uses his speed and quickness to get in close and finish the job as fast as possible.

    The Soldier

    The Soldier is a natural born leader, he enlisted in the marines at 18 to follow in his father's footsteps. As a captain in the marines for 22 years, he won many battles against the marauding enemies in the middle east. Now in a fight against the Scavengers, he needs to lay down the law, Oorah!

    The Sniper

    Growing up as a rural hunter in up state New York taught him how to live off the land, and turned him into a crack shot with a rifle. The sniper is cool and collected, he's quiet and chooses his words carefully. Never one to embrace violence, he realizes the rules have changed and he must use his skills as a hunter to restore civility to a broken world.

    The Recon

    As the daughter of a former Military officer, she spent her whole life growing up on military bases and learning weaponry and self defense from her father. She eventually married a career soldier, but was never involved in military activity herself. That all changed when the world went to hell... her husband died trying to save her from a brutal Scavenger attack and she vowed to help the Resistance in any way she could. It turns out that her growing up with all those military men has benefited her in ways she would have never thought: she is a perfect fit as a recon scout. She's quick and nimble, and carries very light weaponry - and is a very graceful killer...

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