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Bullet Feb 1, 2015

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    Video game social networking site Raptr has been hacked, the database has been compromised so if you have an account, the company suggests you change any passwords associated with it.

    "We're very sorry to inform you that some Raptr user data may have been recently compromised in an attack similar to hacking activities that have targeted other high-profile sites and services such as Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network." Raptr Founder Dennis Fong reported.

    The Raptr CEO, Fong went on to explain that although the passwords on its database are hashed, user names, email addresses, passwords, and first and last names may well have been accessed.

    "Although the potential risk to Raptr users is pretty minimal, we urge you to access any accounts on other sites and services in which you use the same login and password associated with your Raptr account and change the related password(s) immediately," Fong said.

    Fong did point out that there is a two-factor authentication redeeming Raptr Reward Points which means even if your Raptr account was among those compromised, the points you've earned as a Raptr member are protected.
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    guess im luckey i have it but no account lol

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