Rainbow Six Siege collector’s edition comes with a 120-page field manual

Bullet Mar 30, 2015

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    Finally Ubisoft have fully detailed the Rainbow Six Siege collector’s edition, known as the “Art of Siege Edition” which will contain a massive 120 page tactical guide along with lots of other goodies.
    Lets take a look at what the collectors edition contains:

    Obviously you will get a copy the game 'Rainbow Six: Siege'.

    A Collector’s box.

    An exclusive 120 page tactical guide which includes detailed information on every Counter Terrorist Unit, operator, weapon, and map with the highest level of detail and statistics.

    Gold weapons skins making you stand out. This DLC package will give you access to gold camos for all of the weapons in the game.
    Both the collector’s and standard editions are now available for pre-order. Another bonus of pre-ordering is that doing so will make you eligible for the next closed beta. Pre-order either edition from the Uplay Shop and you will get the game in a numbered steel book.
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