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askfareed Sep 18, 2010

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    hi everyone
    im new to this forum and decided to come here to widen my knowledge on jtag and hopefully help other's in area's i have knowledge about.

    Just bought one recently and don't really know how to do what i want to do, im kind of confused, but i have opened a thread and hopefully i get more knowledge.

    Favourite games would be fifa, cod, red dead, gta. In fifa i think i could beat anyone on here, but im banned so there is no way of me testing that out! lol!
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    Welcome to xpgamesaves. If your looking to learn more about your jtag and what you can do with it then your in the right place.
    Check out the jtag section it covers most things a newbie needs to know , but if you need any other help then pop a post on the forums and someone will help you out ;)

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