Quantum Break: Freezing Time

Nasyr Dec 6, 2014

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    Quantum Break is a scientific, moment freezing, live time event. Jack Joyce "The said hero of the people and world", holds the power to freeze time and save people or solve crimes/mysteries. Not only is this power so essential to the society but, he will have to learn how to control it. Jack is a survivor of a failed science experiment that killed his brother and broke down time. This manifests as time anomalies where time stutters and freezes. Now Jack has to save the day before time literally runs out. So as you play as this character don't be shy at the profound attention you shall be getting through out this whole games experience.

    In the game things will be 3D and a literal freezed image. You have the capability to walk through this frozen scene either looking for clues or saving people. Now at this time, Jack knows he can't save everybody but, he and everyone else knows that is about to change. So take up into the frozen moments to worship this amazing power you have been given but, don't get to hung up into it as you have some big duties ahead of you to take care of. And I also want to mention that his name "Jack Joyce" it sounds like two first names to me, wonder how they came up with it?

    Quantum break is coming out in 2015, with it's little treats it probably will offer with it's pre-order since the game was delayed. Now to add to that I would assume people want to see the trailer correct? Well, click here to watch Jack in his elemental state, freeze time. Now without further or do, hope to see you solving crimes and literally saving the day as time ticks down to where it may no longer belong. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some shift changes in the game so, be prepared! And also remember to game on XPG!
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