Public Sony Patent Suggests Ways To Add Content to Emulated Games

ADDZ Jan 17, 2014

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    Public Sony Patent Suggests Ways To Add Content to Emulated Games

    While Sony's Gaikai game library remains one of the most ambiguous facets of the company's next-gen strategy, its prospects are still interesting. Its been previously suggested that gamers will be able to instantly stream a catalog of classic PS3 titles as early as this year, but not much is known outside of that basic idea. If this newly public patent is any indication, it's possible that the renovated titles we see might be a mix of both new and old material.


    The document itself speaks in highly technical language, but the premise is that developers have the ability to take a "snapshot" of their old title to create launch points for added mini games. Essentially what that means is, teams can add new content to old games without actually having to dig back into the source material. The snapshot itself should give them all the info they need to work with.

    So what might this lead to? Like many patents, it could wind up being tossed away with the passage pf time. However, when implemented correctly, something like this could be applied as a way to add DLC chapters for games that might be decades old. Is this something you'd be interested in, or is there too much DLC these days?

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