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Grizzy Mar 21, 2018

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    PUBG Mobile has just been released for iOS and Android and it seems to be a pretty decent port. Almost all reviewers of the game seem to agree that it’s a lot of fun and is true to the original game in nearly every way.

    PUBG's rival Fortnite is almost set for the launch of their own mobile port, but right now it's currently only available on iOS devices by invite only. I
    t’ll be interesting to see those two games go head-to-head soon in the mobile gaming arena.

    But for now, let’s check out what people are saying about PUBG Mobile:

    Kotaku - "A Pretty Decent Port."

    The Good:
    "I’m not a particularly adept PUBG player on console anyway, so being on an even playing field where nobody was able to pull off high-level techniques actually had upsides. I found myself enjoying running around folks blasting away, with maybe one in four of our shots landing. I even got a chicken dinner!"

    The Bad:
    "My biggest issue ended up being lack of precision in small spaces or engaging in firefights. Touch controls simply have a hard time with precise twitch shooting, and aiming accurately in the heat of the moment is often a crapshoot."

    "It’s messy, it’s imprecise, and if you take it too seriously it’ll quickly become a source of frustration... add in the low draw distance, and reliably doing well is tricky at best."

    Full Article:

    PC Gamer - "Tencent's mobile port of PUBG is itty, bitty, and only slightly shitty."

    The Good:
    "PUBG Mobile is about as good a port as anyone could hope for."

    "When it comes to capturing the spirit and thrill of the battle royale genre, PUBG Mobile is surprisingly adept."

    The Bad:
    "The moment I tried entering a doorway, I realized that the controls desperately lack any sense of precision."

    "If you lack a computer powerful enough to play PUBG or are just desperate to take it on the go, PUBG Mobile might satisfy you.
    But if I ever find myself on a bus jonesing for some battle royale action, I think I'll just wait until I get home."

    Full Article: This is what PUBG plays like on a phone

    Polygon - "An unexpectedly good port for iOS and Android."

    The Good:
    "Best of all, the game is free-to-play. Basically, if you have a smartphone or a tablet there is no reason not to pick this up and give it a try."

    The Bad:
    "If I have one complaint it’s that running in one direction and looking in the other is a bit fiddly right now and takes some getting used to."

    Full Article: PUBG on mobile is excellent, full-featured and just as tense as the original

    Android Police - "...a fun battle royale game that is hampered by poor controls."

    The Good:
    "If you enjoy battle royale games or are a huge PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fan, this mobile port offers an amazingly similar experience to the PC and console releases."

    The Bad:
    "It performs very well, though the touchscreen controls can be tricky. The lack of working controller support is also a problem, but when you consider that they are at least halfway present, it would appear that their inclusion is at least being considered."

    "The future monetization may also be an issue, though it's still too early to know for sure how it will pan out."

    Full article: [Hands-on] PUBG Mobile, a fun battle royale game that is hampered by poor controls

    Touch Arcarde (iOS gaming news) - “...PUBG Mobile feels like the superior game for mobile, but … Fortnite might someday match PUBG Mobile's level of performance.”

    The Good:
    "As a mobile app, I'd say that PUBG Mobile, as of March 19th, is the better app. It looks better, runs better (especially on older hardware), and controls better"

    "…Purely from the perspective of which is the better mobile game experience, PUBG Mobile is currently the winner."

    The Bad:
    "Fortnite also has controller support on the way, which will give it a playability advantage over PUBG Mobile (unless it adds in some kind of controller support)."

    Full Article: Is 'PUBG Mobile' Better Than 'Fortnite'?

    The general Conclusion seems to be that PUBG Mobile is very successful as far as being a port, but compared to PC version the controls are lacking. It seems to be pretty similar to the mobile version of Minecraft in that way.

    If any of you have played it, let us know what you think. And if you haven't... why not? It's free!


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