PSN Back Online and More Free PSM Games!

scunnyemce Jan 20, 2013

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    After my previous article many people were wondering whether the extended PSN maintenance would also bring some sort of stealth Firmware update and that Sony would be offering free games to entice people into upgrading from their Uno or previous exploits. Well, this was not the case.

    PSN is back online and there is no form of update in sight for the present. This is certainly good news as I have now had a chance to look through the PlayStation Mobile store and have found more free games (thanks to some of the people who commented on my previous article).
    Please don’t get confused; there will be a new free game released by Sony for PSM next week, however there are also some more free goodies available.
    So, in case you have yet to read my previous article which explains that Samurai Beat is free at present and there will be a new game coming every week for Six Weeks then please click here.
    Anyway on to the good stuff:
    Under the Casual section of PlayStation Mobile there is a game that is free at present called Everybody’s Arcade. This game includes games such as Book Arranging, Pie Throwing, Klondike, Video Poker and Blackjack. However there seems to be a slight catch which I shall write exactly as shown on PSN:

    *each minigame can be purchased separately.
    *There is a demo for ‘Klondike’ (up to 5 tries, within a limited time)
    *Book Arranging and Pie Throwing are not the exact versions of the PSP versions.​
    I’m not entirely sure as I’ve yet to play this (so feel free to write a comment if you wish telling me how wrong I am) but it seems that you’ll have to buy extras for this game, and that it is some form of Demo.
    Here’s a gameplay video (please note that Gameplay starts at approximately 2:38)

    Under the Puzzle section of PSM there are two free Games: Lemmings and Bullion Blitz.
    Before I go any further I’d like to say that I am a gigantic fan of the original Lemmings game and spent so many hours splatting all those innocent green haired little creatures *cough* I mean uh… saving them.
    I have yet to play this game, but the moment I saw it was free I had to download it simply for the nostalgic value. I may leave a comment sharing my opinion on this game after playing it, though I’m not sure yet.
    Anyway, from the looks of this game it is very similar to the original however with added touch controls, which could very easily overcome one of my main gripes over the years which was navigating the menus. Anyhow, this game is gigantic as it’s 150 levels in total. The downside to this though is that only 30 levels are actually free. To gain the others you have to pay a small amount for 90 extra levels (here in Britain it’s £1.99) and then there’s an additional fee for special levels (which in Britain costs an additional £0.79). If you’re a fan of lemmings or puzzle games in general; I’d recommend this.
    Here’s a gameplay video:
    Bullion Blitz seems to be a rather fun puzzle game which the player taps on gold pieces to earn currency and can possibly buy upgrades or something similar with said currency. Again, I haven’t played this prior to this article so what I write here is merely speculation.
    Here’s a video of some gameplay (please note that this video contains two games: Lemmings and Bullion Blitz). The Bullion Blitz gameplay starts at approximately 3:50 into the video.

    Note: PSM is available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. If you live outside of these areas, then you may be unable to purchase any of these games.

    For now these are the only free games on the PlayStation Mobile section of the store though all the games do seem relatively fun. Next week Sony will be making another game free, so let’s look forward to what that may be.
    stay tuned !!

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