PSN and Online Features on without updating on FW 2.02: Charles Proxy.

scunnyemce Jan 25, 2013

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    Since the latest firmware is now out, that seemingly leaves us without PSN or any form of Online gaming which does take some of the fun out of the Vita, and with all the Sales and free games coming from Sony at the moment it’s horrible that if you wish to keep your exploit then you have to update, right? Wrong. There is a simple way around this by using a Proxy server.

    This means that your computer will need to be on, and you will need to connect through WiFi (this may or may not be possible through Mobile Network. I cannot find my sim at present, so I cannot check but if you have checked then feel free to comment).
    This method will allow you to do everything you could before the update like playing games online, purchasing from PSN or even just browsing the internet (though a proxy is not required to browse the internet).
    Note: Just to clear some confusion; you can use Vita FTP or any internet connection within the PSP Emu without doing this as using the internet (as long as you do not attempt to access PSN) does not attempt to make you update. This guide will help you access PSN and it’s features.
    I will write this in a step by step method. All the files included I have modified/checked myself and then uploaded to my mediafire. If there are any issues with hosting then please contact me.
      1. Download the psp2-updatelist.xml for your specific region: Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Europe. Save this file to an area that is easy to remember and easily accessible (Desktop for example).
      2. (Optional) Rename the file to “psp2-updatelist.xml” (without the quotation marks).
      3. Download and install Charles Proxy.
      4. Obtain your IP Address. To do this:
        • Windows: Start -> Run -> CMD -> ipconfig. IPv4 Address is what you need.
        • Linux: Use the command line “$ /sbin/ifconfig” (without quotation marks).
        • Mac: Apple Icon -> System Preferences -> Network.
    1. (optional) If you do not have a working WiFi connection then create one on the Vita then move on to step 6. If you already have a working WiFi connection move on to the next step.
    2. Open the Advanced Settings on your WiFi connection. Scroll down and select Use Proxy Server then enter your IP Address and the port “8888” (without the quotation marks).
    3. Start Charles Proxy on your Computer.
    4. Restart your PS Vita and connect to the internet. The best method for doing this is by using Connection Test (Settings -> Network -> Internet Connection Test).
    5. Charles Proxy should locate “ ask whether or not to accept this connection. Click Accept.
    6. Navigate to psp2-updatelist.xml (as pictured below):[​IMG]
    7. Right click on psp2-updatelist.xml
    8. Select Map Local. Under Local Path select the file you downloaded in step 1 then save and close.
    9. Right click on psp2-updatelist.xml again and select Edit.
    10. Select the Query String tab. Click on Add.
    11. Under the Name type in “var” and under Value type in “02050000 Note: This is for the current Firmware and will have to be modified with the next Firmware update. It will look something like this (ignore the sid):[​IMG]
    12. Click Execute and enjoy all the benefits of PSN through your Vita.
    Please note that you will have to set the local map and var multiple times. It generally takes about 9 connections in Charles or so to allow you access to PSN. Please also note that at the moment I can’t figure out how to get Charles fully configured, so even if you save more connections will appear if you either power off or put your Vita into sleep mode, so you will have to go through the local map and var process again. So this basically gives temporary access to PSN but if you actively use your console (I.E play games online or search through PSN for games or whatever) then it will be fine until the screen turns off.
    Note: I am looking into ways of fixing this, so if I find anything I will leave it in the comments.
    Well guys, enjoy your Exploits and PSN! Feel free to comment below.

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