PSIO Prototype V1.0 Demonstration #2 - SD Card Loading

ADDZ Jun 17, 2013

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    PSIO Prototype V1.0 Demonstration #2 - SD Card Loading

    In this demonstration, we load Klonoa and Crash Bandicoot 3 from the SD card. The game is completely playable, and loads faster than the original CD-ROM as no error correction takes place. No XA or CD-DA audio has been added to our logic code at this point.

    The USB cable is plugged into PSIO to select what game to load off of the SD card as no operating system has been implemented yet. The games load entirely from SD, and I remove the USB cable to demonstrate this.

    This setup was organised to show no hidden tricks or 'fakery' of PSIO. You can see and follow the cables around and though to where they go as I move the camera. Some cables were routed under the monitor to avoid 240VAC interference with the video/audio signals as the wires are not insulated. While I did my best, there is some interference still from it.

    I wasn't aware of the high pitched squealing in the video until it was uploaded. It happened because Windows Movie Maker changed the audio quality down. The monitor does not make this sound at all in real life.

    More videos will follow as we progress, so be sure to subscribe.

    The PSIO YouTube channel does not allow any ads to be set on the video for your enjoyment.

    Thanks for watching.

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