PS4 VS Xbox One Speed Test

Bullet Nov 25, 2013

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    If you haven't already purchased a Next Gen console and speed matters then this will be an interesting read for you.
    Some boff's over at Extremetech have done a side by side speed comparison test and the results are in guys!
    We are not talking about framerates here, we are talking boot times, load times and install times. Check out the results below:
    PS4 vs. Xbox One speed test results
    • Cold boot to main dashboard –
      PS4: 20 seconds — Xbox One: 1 minute 5 seconds
    • Standby/hibernate to dashboard –
      PS4: 3 seconds — Xbox One: 12 seconds
    • Installing NBA 2K14 from disc –
      PS4: 36 minutes – Xbox One: 46 minutes
    • Time for NBA 2K14 to be playable after inserting disc –
      PS4: Instant — Xbox One: 6 minutes
    • Time to load NBA 2K14 main menu from the dashboard –
      PS4: 38.7 seconds — Xbox One: 29.6 seconds
    • Time to load a playable Quick Match in NBA 2K14 from main menu –
      PS4: 37.6 seconds — Xbox One: 31.4 seconds
    • Time to switch between playable game, to the dashboard, and back to the game –
      Negligible difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Both are almost instantaneous.
    These test were repeated over and over to ensure that the results are true and the verdict is that both consoles are on an equal par.
    Although the PS4 does boot up quicker than the Xbox One there isn't much difference after that. So what it all boils down too at the end of the day is which console offers the better games. Thats a whole new article....
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    what the hell xbox shows in a video that xbox one can boot up only in 13 seconds

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