PS4 Update 2.02 Now Available For Download

Bullet Nov 11, 2014

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    Updates from Sony are like buses, theres never one when you need one, and then suddenly two come along at once! We recently received the 2.00 update which has been problematic and buggy and therefore forced the release of yet another update V2.02 which according to Sony will improve system software stability during use of some features, games, and apps:

    The update which weighs in at 217MB file is already available for download in the UK, whilst North American updates are expected to follow shortly.

    The release of V2.00 has caused corruption issues with gamesaves and also causing games to crash. This has forced some games to be delayed whilst Sony struggle to fix the issues.

    V2.01 was released in an attempt to patch up some of the problems caused by the mandatory update, one of which caused the PS4 to crash when it entered into Rest Mode.

    Hopefully V2.02 will fix the remaining issues and 2k can finally release the Evolve Alpha on the PS4!
    If you have already updated your PS4 , please let us know if the latest update has fixed all the issues in the comments below.
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